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Why you need a sunglasses case and how to sew one | Sheer Stitchery Sunnies Case Sewing Pattern

Why you need a sunglasses case and how to sew one | Sheer Stitchery Sunnies Case Sewing Pattern

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Sunglasses are a summertime staple, but where do you put them when you’re not wearing them? That’s where a sunglasses case comes in handy! Not only does it protect your shades from getting scratched or sat on, but it also keeps them from getting lost. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your personality and style. Here’s why you need a sunglasses case and how to sew one with this easy-to-follow pattern.

Looking to make a pretty gift for someone this summer?  Or just want a really cute and unique sunglasses case to protect your glasses or sunnies?  The #SheerSunniesCase is the perfect solution!

Have you ever misplaced your sunglasses only to find them a few days later, scratched, and dirty?

Have you ever had to turn your house upside-down looking for sunglasses that you just know are around somewhere? If so, it’s time to invest in a sunglasses case sewing pattern! With this simple DIY project, you’ll never have to worry about those sunglasses going missing again – and no more ‘Murphy’s law sunglasses syndrome’ where they turn up days later covered in dirt and scratches. In fact, the worst thing that can happen is a bit of crumbs in the inside of your sunglasses case if you make it out of fabric! Best part is, the pattern is FREE, download the Sheer Sunnies Case from Sheer Stitchery and let’s get started!

glasses case fabric how to sew gifts to sell

A sunglasses case is the perfect solution to keep your sunnies safe and clean.

Forget sunglasses flying all over the car, or even worse, your sunglasses rubbing against other objects and getting scratched. Keeping them tucked away safely in a sunglasses case is the perfect solution for never having to worry about misplacing your sunnies again. And not just any sunglasses case – put your creative sewing skills to work and try out one of the glasses case sewing patterns available online for a truly unique design that’ll match any summer outfit. You can say goodbye to sandy sunglasses forever if you swap regular hardcover sunglasses cases for these stylish DIY ones!

sunglasses case how to sew easy sewing projects

You can easily sew a sunglasses case with this step-by-step tutorial.

Sun’s out, shades out! Whether you’re looking to take your knitting needles for a spin or just want to add some more DIY projects to your repertoire, sew a sunglasses case and give your eyewear the protection it needs! And because nothing shakes off wardrobe blues like a new accessory, you can also customize and brighten up the case with fabric designs that speak right to you. Grab your sewing kit, pick out your favorite fabric, and follow along with this easy step-by-step tutorial – before you know it, you’ll have an original sunglasses case of your very own!

fabric sunglasses and glasses case diy

All you need is some fabric, a needle and thread, and a bit of time.

When it comes to sewing projects, let your imagination run wild! All you need are a few fabric scraps, a sewing pattern for a project like a chic sunglasses case or even some quirky keychain, a sewing machine or needle and thread, and of course some time. Where will it take you? As long as you have the basics covered, all that’s required is a little bit of creativity and lots of enthusiasm. Who know where sewing can potentially lead you – one way to confirm is to give it a try!

glasses case when using laptop

In no time at all, you’ll have a new sunglasses case that will keep your sunnies looking good as new.

Don’t worry, in no time at all you can DIY a one-of-a-kind sunglasses case that will keep your sunnies looking good as new! With Sheer Stitchery’s easy and creative DIY project and free PDF sewing pattern for the Sheer Sunnies Case, you’ll have a stylish sunglasses case in just a few steps. All you need are some supplies, some imagination, and of course the sunnies! So go ahead and start crafting – once you’re done, you’ll have a personalized sunglasses case that will serve its purpose with flair.

sunnies fabric glasses case diy

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