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Sewing a little girl sundress – a simple summer sewing project

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Sewing a Little Girl’s Sundress

Looking for a fun summer sewing project? How about a little girl’s sundress? In this blog post, we’ll show you how to sew a sundress that is perfect for warm weather days. This project is great for beginning sewists, and you can add your own personal touches to make it unique. So grab your sewing machine and let’s get started!

Pick out a pattern and fabric – something light and airy for summer

As soon as summer comes around, my sewing machine is humming! Nothing puts the joy in my heart like seeing my kids wearing adorable clothing I sew for them. Choosing a pattern and fabric that’s light and airy for summer is a must. I’m loving the look of breezy cotton voile fabric with an eyelet pattern – it will be perfect for breezy days beneath the sunshine. Though this polka-a-dot jersey knit is breathable and super comfy with all that stretch. Plus, with its pop of vintage flair, it’s sure to make something special to treasure!

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Cut out the pieces of the dress according to the pattern

There’s nothing like sewing a dress from scratch, transforming something from just a bunch of fabric into something special. Sure, it can be challenging and I may have to pick up a few extra pins along the way, but being in control of the process is rewarding. Starting with the sewing pattern for girls (I found this one “The Tie Strap Dress” by Me Oh My Sewing), I carefully cut out each piece of the dress according to the lines and curves that will soon make up my dream dress – no surprises! Seeing my ideas come to life with every stitch is one of my favorite parts of sewing.

Sew the bodice of the dress together, then attach the skirt

Sewing the bodice is a delicate process and I always feel like a real designer when I do it. With every stitch, I imagine what my sewing of the baby clothes look like, completely constructed – like a designer gown for your little one! (Though, i always try to keep if comfy for them – what kiddo wants to wear a bunch of tulle and taffeta?) My hands move fluidly as I attach the skirt, imagining how cute it will look when it’s done. It’s almost a magical experience to turn fabric and thread into something so special.

Hem the bottom of the dress and add any final details like straps or buttons

When hemming a baby dress, I’m always filled with a sense of accomplishment. It’s like I’m finishing the last piece of a giant jigsaw puzzle! And the best part is that the end result is usually incredibly cute. Plus, adding any final details like straps or buttons can really bring it to life and make it feel complete – kind of like putting on the last brushstroke in a painting! As cliche as it may sound, hemming and embellishing baby dresses can truly be creative and fun.

Let your little girl try on her new sundress and enjoy watching her twirl around in it!

Watching little girls twirl around in their sundresses is truly a sight to behold. There’s something so special and unique about seeing the pride little ones have when they are dressed up in something they made themselves! With her little girl, why not make it even more special by having her try on her new sundress you made from a pattern (and lots of love)? It won’t only be a fun bonding experience for you both but it will also fill you with joy as you watch your little one take little steps forward in her journey of learning new skills. Ahh, so much cuteness and excitement!

With these five easy steps, you can make a lovely sundress for your little girl to wear all summer long. Just pick out a pattern and fabric, cut out the pieces, sew it together, add some final details, and voila! Your daughter will be happy as can be twirling around in her new sundress. If you’re looking for a kids or baby skirt pattern that is super easy to sew, check out our Ava Circle Skirt dress pattern that comes in infant to Women’s Missy and Curvy sizes, we’ve got just the thing for a Mommy & Me outfit you can sew. Check it out today!

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When looking for a fun, summery dress to sew for a sweet little girl I came across the Tie Strap Dress from Oh Me Oh My Sewing Patterns.  It is a fairly quick sew and a lot of fun to stitch up.

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I decided on a fun polka-dot print that gives it a more vintage vibe.  I love how comfy and feminine this little girl dress sewing pattern is. The instructions were very easy to follow and I would recommend this for an advanced beginner sewist.  The sewing instructions have full-colour photos to help explain each of the steps.

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It calls for woven fabrics, though I chose to make mine out of a double knit fabric.  It was so soft and had great retention with a  four-way stretch on the medium weight polyester lycra fabric.  As always, I pre-washed the fabric to pre-shrink before sewing.  The fabric washed up beautifully and the Tie Strap Dress pattern is well suited for a knit.

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This kids dress sewing pattern comes together in an afternoon of sewing – which is fabulous considering how quickly kids grow.  This is a great pattern to add to your child’s summer wardrobe for sewing.

Oh Me Oh My Sewing’s instructions are easy to follow, which is expected for an indie pattern company.  I am excited to try some more patterns from them.

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