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Sew an easy circle skirt in any size using the Ava Circle Skirt Pattern

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If you’re looking for an easy way to sew a circle skirt, look no further than the Ava Circle Skirt Pattern! This pattern is so easy to use and can be customized to any size, making it perfect for any project. Plus, the finished skirt is just as cute as can be. Keep reading to see how you can make your own Ava Circle Skirt!  The Ava Circle Skirt is one of those wardrobe staples you keep reaching for.  The classic full circle skirt is set at a midi length (below the knee) but can easily be hacked to mini and maxi versions with every iteration in between.

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This skirt sewing pattern comes in a wide range of sizes including 18″ doll, infants, kids and our regular women’s Missy and Curvy line.  This circle skirt pattern is drafted to fall at a midi length, just below your knees, but can easily be hacked into longer and shorter variations of the pattern to get the style you are after.   You can finish your skirt with a simple narrow hem or opt for a peek a colour using bias binding to finish the hem of your circle skirt.  Personally, the bias binding hem is one of my favourite ways to finish this skirt, especially on the children’s version, as when they twirl, you get a peek of the trim.

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We have also designed this circle skirt pattern to have two waistband options, one narrow waistband and one wider one, so that you can change up the look.  This pattern can also be mashed up to any bodice pattern you have, as it is designed to fit your natural waistline – making the #AvaCircleSkirtHacks a lot of fun!

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Choose your fabric – something light and flowy for a summer skirt, or a heavier fabric for winter

For summer, you’ll want something light and breezy to keep you from overheating. A beginner friendly circle skirt sewing pattern is a great way to start making a stylish, comfortable garment for the warmer months, such as the Ava Circle Skirt. Lightweight cottons, linens and chambray are ideal for letting the breeze in while also holding their shape. If you want a drapey skirt, then fluid fabrics like a rayon challis are perfect! On the other hand, when fall and winter rolls around and it’s all about staying warm, heavier fabrics like wool, flannel or corduroy can take center stage! These sturdy materials are excellent insulators that ensure you don’t freeze your buns off outside. They also have a bit more structure so they can change the way your skirt drapes. No matter what season it is, pick out something that suits your needs and get to sewing!

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Cut out your fabric according to the Ava Circle Skirt Pattern

With the beginner-friendly Ava Circle Skirt Pattern, you can divert a plethora of fabric in your stash into something stylish. Break out the scissors and get to pattern cutting! Your circle skirt dreams are so tantalizingly close; just follow the steps on the pattern and visualize that perfect full skirt as you trim away. You’ll be adding a unique piece to your DIY wardrobe in no time! This pattern comes in infant, kids, women’s Missy and Curvy sizes so there is a size to fit everyone!

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Sew the side seams of your skirt together

Sewing a circle skirt is definitely not as easy as sewing a straight line, but it is pretty darn close! When it comes to sewing the side seams of your skirt together, is deciding how to finish those seams. Will it be lined? Will you do French seams? Will you overlock (serge) the seams? If you want your seam to look crisp and professionally done, be sure to use pins and guides when sewing the side seams and be sure to press and never skip the under stitching in the instructions. After all, sloppy sewing will only lead to an unpleasant outcome that would require you to start all over – so take your time and make sure you get it right the first time!

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Hem the bottom of your skirt to the desired length

Hem hem hem…I think I am getting hemmed out! All jokes aside, hemming a skirt can be an intimidating task for many, and that is with a straight hem. Circle skirts have a curved hem so it can be a bit fiddly if you are new. Don’t worry, it isn’t rocket science -just take your time and do the PREP work. Before even beginning to tackle the hem, be sure to let the garment hang for at least 24 hours. This is because the hemline is cut on the bias and it will stretch (it has happened to me before – when I finished a dress the night before a wedding. The next morning my dress (with ruffled hem) was an asymmetrical dress. I made it work, but learned from my mistake). When hemming a circle skirt, make sure to start at the center and work your way outward in small sections. You will need extra patience if you are hemming larger skirts with heavier fabric. So go ahead, roll up those sleeves, grab that hem gauge and don’t forget to thread the needle! Do not try and and hem more than 1/2″ for a circle skirt and a better rule of thumb is 1/4″. The reason for this is that the fabric at the bottom is larger than the fabric you are folding it to and it can pucker if the hem is too wide. Keep this in mind when you trim your skirt after letting it hang overnight. With enough practice and care you will have hemmed your very own perfect circular skirt.

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Add a waistband to finish off the circle skirt

Adding a waistband to sew an easy circle skirt doesn’t have to be hard–it can be a delightful sew instead! Put the finishing touches on your precious creation by taking the time to sew with precision. Find a coordinating fabric that compliments your skirt and sew it in place for a playful effect. The end result will make you marvel at the skillful sewist you are!

That’s it! You now know how to make an Ava Circle Skirt. Wasn’t that easy? In just a few short steps, you can have a beautiful and unique skirt that will get you compliments all day long. So what are you waiting for? Grab the Ava Circle Skirt Pattern in your size and get stitching!

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We love to see your makes, if you make this don’t forget to tag us on Instagram & TikTok @SheerStitchery and use #AvaCircleSkirt  Until next time Makers, let’s get our sew-spiration on!

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