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Sew a vintage inspired pinafore dress and skirt | Ivy Pinafore Skirt Pattern

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Are you looking for a fun and creative way to sew a beautiful pinafore dress or skirt? Look no further than the Ivy Pinafore Skirt Pattern! This pattern is perfect for sewists of all levels, from beginners to experienced crafters. With clear instructions and plenty of professional drawings for all the critical steps, a video tutorial, and photos, you’ll be able to create a lovely vintage inspired pinafore that is perfect for any occasion. And best of all, this pattern can be easily adapted to create either a dress or a skirt – so you can make it your own! So, gather your supplies and let’s get started sewing an Ivy Pinafore Skirt today!

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Follow along with your Ivy Pinafore Skirt dress pattern.  It is available in children’s and women’s Missy and Curvy ranges.

The Ivy Pinafore & Skirt pattern is so versatile.  This sewing pattern was inspired by the vintage pinafore patterns from the 1940’s, with a modern twist.  This pattern offers both optional inseam pockets or fun patch pockets and can be made as a high waisted skirt or with the pinafore bib (which is shaped for your bust, so it fits nicely).

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Check out the Sew Along Video here: 

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Grab your pattern here:  DIGITAL PDF PATTERN  or PAPER PATTERN

Check out some of the community made versions of the ##IvyPinaforeSkirt on Instagram and TikTok.

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The history of the pinafore dress and how it became popular in the 1940s

The vintage pinafore dress is a timeless fashion statement and once you learn about its history, it’s no surprise why it rose to stardom in 1940s. Its beginnings can be dated back to the mid-1800s when children typically wore them as coveralls and smocks for protection from spilt paint and other messes. It wasn’t until the 1940s when ladies started wearing them recreationally – likely as they realized that they could do more than keep paint off their clothes! This practical yet stylish look quickly gained popularity, prompting everyone young and old with a taste for vintage, to literally “be all gung-ho” about this particular wardrobe essential. Since then, the classic pinafore has evolved into many incarnations – but one thing never changes: its longevity as a timeless outfit of choice! From cottage core (#cottagecore) to dark academia, this look has transcended time.

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How to sew a pinafore dress or skirt from scratch – step by step guide

With a few tools, supplies, and the know-how, it’s possible to sew a pinafore dress or skirt from scratch. Start off by gathering all the necessary materials: the pattern, fabric, an iron and ironing board, chalk or tailors’ marking pen, scissors, needles, and thread should get you started. Follow up with a plan – decide on the length of your dress or skirt and begin measuring your fabric pieces and making a muslin. Pre-wash and iron your fabric to prepare them for sewing. Sewing can be a tricky skill if you’ve never taken on this kind of project before – don’t be afraid to take it slow – and this project is perfect for the adventurous beginner! With some patience and practice you’ll have your finished dress in no time and ready for any special occasion.

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Tips for choosing the right fabric and pattern for your project

Are you looking for fabric for that vintage Ivy Pinafore Skirt dress project of yours? Well, fear not! Here are some tips to help make sure your fabric will fit the bill. First, consider fabric type – something lightweight like cotton or silk is generally best for vintage dresses if you want slow airiness to your garment and a bit of movement and flow. Cotton blends and linen fabrics work too, so don’t feel restricted to only one type of fabric. Then think about fabric weight – heavier fabrics may be too bulky and detract from the vintage look you’re trying to achieve, but a mid-weight wool or wool blend, will provide a lovely, structured Ivy Pinafore Skirt dress that really screams dark academia. Next up is pattern – there’s an endless variety out there, so take a few moments to pick something with a timeless elegance that also speaks to your style. Personally, we love a good plaid. Lastly, when in doubt, channel your inner seamstress and remember fabric and pattern can make or break a dress – but with the right choices you’ll create something special!

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Ideas for how to style your new pinafore dress or skirt

Pinafore dresses and skirts offer a style that can be worn any season, making them the perfect garment to have in your wardrobe. If you recently added a pinafore style piece to your closet, here are some creative ideas on how to style it: start by choosing an undershirt or top that has an interesting texture such as linen or lace topped with the right accessories like scarves or jewelry; pick bold colors like yellows, reds and purples – have fun with pairing different playfully-hued combinations together; style it with extra thin belts above the skirt hemline for a modern look; go down the country lane style by adding tucked in plaid shirts, cropped crew-necks with heels or boots; make your pinafore look even trendier with a sleek leather jacket for touches of edgy sophistication. Now you’re ready to rock your pinafore style – even if it is not vintage!

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Where to find vintage inspired fabrics online

Looking for vintage inspired fabrics to liven up your next sewing project? Look no further—the internet offers an incredible variety of vintage-style fabrics from vintage florals to vintage paisleys, and beyond. From classic retro prints to vintage polka dots in every color of the rainbow, online shoppers can find vintage fabrics to fit even the most discerning tastes. Whether you are looking for a bold pop of color or a subtle print to accentuate your garment, this unique source of vintage inspired fabric is sure to enliven any outfit! Look for natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk, linen, and wool – as they were common back in the 1940s when this pattern took its inspiration from. You can also look for actual vintage fabrics from places like Etsy or eBay (flour sack fabric is very pretty) or even your local thrift / charity shops.

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The pinafore dress is a timeless style that can be dressed up or down, making it a perfect wardrobe staple. With this step-by-step pattern (both paper and PDF offered), you can sew your own pinafore dress or skirt from scratch. Just choose the right fabric and pattern for your project and get started. Once you’ve completed your new garment, there are endless ways to style it. Get inspired by finding vintage fabrics online that will give your pinafore dress or skirt a unique look. So, grab the Ivy Pinafore Skirt dress pattern and get sewing!

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How Adding a Pinafore Pattern to Your Wardrobe Can Elevate Any Outfit

Blog Introduction: When it comes to crafting your own wardrobe, having a few wardrobe basics is essential. They serve as the foundation of any look, and they help you create multiple looks with just one pattern. Here’s why adding a pinafore pattern to your collection of wardrobe basics may be the perfect addition to your #MeMade wardrobe.

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Two Different Views of the Pattern

A pinafore is a great way to add a unique touch to any outfit. Depending on how you style it, it can give off two very different vibes. For example, if you opt for a girly look with ruffles or bows, it will give off a sweet and casual feel. However, if you go for more subdued colors and fabrics such as linen or cotton blends it will create a more sophisticated look that can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize it.  This pattern has two views:  The Pinafore and the Skirt views – but you can customize in so many ways to fit your unique style.

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Versatility of the Pattern

The best part about choosing this pattern for your wardrobe is that there are so many ways you can use it! You can choose different fabrics that will give you different looks which makes this pattern incredibly versatile. For example, using velvet or even corduroy gives an entirely different vibe than using lighter fabrics like chambray or lightweight denim. Plus since pinafores have pockets, they’re incredibly practical too! Another great thing about this pattern is that there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling them! Try layering over t-shirts or sweaters for colder days; pairing them with statement accessories; or even wearing them over floral dresses for an unexpected twist – the possibilities are endless!

Adding a pinafore pattern to your #MeMade wardrobe will help elevate any outfit and add an extra bit of spice to your closet! It’s also great because it can easily transition from season to season – just switch up the fabric selection and pairings accordingly! With its versatility and timelessness combined, this basic piece is sure to become one of your favorite staples in no time at all! So why wait? Get creative and start making yours today!

We love to see your makes, so do not forget to tag us on socials @SheerStitchery and #SheerStitchery AND #IvyPinaforeSkirt on Instagram and TikTok.

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