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Sew a Jacket Using the Willa Vest Pattern

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First off, if you have never heard about Sew My Style (#SM20) it is a sewing challenge that was originated to raise awareness to the slow fashion industry and get new and experienced sewists together.  If you would like to learn more, please check out the article Petite Font did on her website.

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For the month of March 2020, the Sew My Style Challenge’s patterns are the Gelato Blouse and Shirt by Oliver & S and the Willa Vest from Laela Jeyne.  I find that the Willa Vest pattern is one I come back to again and again, so it is what I decided to stich up this month.

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I decided to make the Willa Vest with the FREE sleeve add on to turn it into a coat.  I chose to work with a water repellant soft shell for the outer fabric and a microtech fleece for the inner lining to keep me nice and cozy.

This is a nice pattern to have in your collection and very versatile with a lot of options including front patch pockets and a waist cinching elastic.  I really liked that the pattern came with a FREE optional sleeve download.

However, I did find the pattern instructions to be lacking a bit, which was surprising coming from an indie designer.  Particularly the front placket.  If you are stuck on front placket on the Willa Vest, check out my video tutorial for a step by step on how to install it.

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I love to hear from you and you can subscribe to me at @SheerStitchery on Instagram and Sheer Stitchery on YouTube.

 Until next time my fellow Makers, let’s get your sew-spiration on!

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