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Pampering Gift Basket Labels


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This digital PDF is perfect for a sleep mask gift set that you are displaying.  And you can add additional stability to the card stock by applying a thicker cardboard or a Popsicle stick on the back of the template.

The template measures 5.6″ x 10″.

You also receive the .PNG file for the lashes used for the Cricut to add to your silk sleep mask.


This digital .PDF prints on standard US Letter paper and each slipper wrap measures 2.4″ x 11″ and it prints three per page.  This is perfect to wrap up those handmade slippers you have made.



This digital .PDF prints on standard US Letter paper and each face scrubbie wrap measures 1.125″ x 8″ and it prints 9 labels per page.  These wraps work perfectly with about 4 face scrubbies per wrap.


This digital .PDF is made specifically for Avery 22806 (2″ x 2″) and Avery 8923 (1.5″ x 2.5″) labels.

The pampering labels have blissful phrases that are not indicative of any particular scent so you can create your very own custom scent for your custom candles.

5.  Scrunchie Trio Labels

This .PDF printable is perfect for displaying three regular sized scrunchies or for for displaying one large scrunchie.

The template measures 3.3″ x 6.4″ and prints two to a page.


This digital PDF and PNG file allows you to print at home (or send to the local print shop) onto card stock so you can display your beautiful handmade beanies, ear warmers, headbands and scrunchies.

The printable display templates come in a “messy bun” style with two versions to choose from to place your handmade beanies and headbands onto. These are the perfect labels for displaying your ear warmers and headbands at craft shows and farmers markets. You can also use this to style your photos on Etsy of your handmade items.

The digital download includes:
– 2 [TWO] template variations, one with curly hair in pigtail buns and one with straight hair in a top knot. (refer to photos for reference)
– A PDF file to print and then cut out yourself for each version
– A PNG photo for you to use on your Cricut and Silhouette machines so you don;t have to cut it out by hand (you can also use the .PNG to resize these templates for larger or smaller versions)

🌟 SIZE Straight Hair Top Knot (with white border): 7″ wide x 9″ high
🌟 SIZE Curly Hair Pigtail Buns* (with white border): 8.2″ wide x 9.5″ high

*The pigtail option is wider, as the pigtails take up more room, please note the variation in sizes

For best results use the thickest card stock your printer can handle.

🌟 HOW TO PDF Version:
1. Open the PDF and set printer to ‘No Scaling’ or print at 100% to ensure you get the correct size
2. Load your printer with card stock & print
3. Cut out, leaving a small boarder around the edges

🌟 HOW TO CRICUT Version:
1. Import the .PNG file as a ‘Print then Cut’ object
2. Resize the file to the maximum it will allow you do (when you import it, it will be too large for the print then cut option)
3. Click Make It (print then allow your machine to cut it out for you)

– We have found that cutting a small slit on either side of the template helps to hold the headbands in place better
– You may also want to stabilise the back of the template with something like a Popsicle stick, if you are using standard card stock (which can be printed on most at home printers)
– A stretchy headband / earwarmer should fit on here fine, but a woven headband will be too loose. We like to use a clip on the back of the headband to secure it in place (a fun paperclip in a pretty motif makes for a nice added touch to the headband, as well). You can also tape it in place.
– Print on any colour cardstock that aligns with your company’s branding
– Make them really stand out by using Copic markers to colourise certain elements!

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File Type: PDF (2) and PNG (2)
File Size: 8.5” x 11” PDF and 7″ x 9″ / 8.2″ x 9.5″ PNG
File will include: 2 pages with Templates:
– Straight Hair Top Knot Bun
– Curly Hair Pigtail Buns

Suggested Paper: Cover-stock 90-110 lbs

This is an instant digital download and the files will be available here as soon as payment goes through and is downloaded as a .zip file.


🌟DIGITAL .PDF file and DIGITAL .PNG file only
🌟 The files are NOT EDITABLE
🌟 .PNG to be used in Cricut / Silhouette machines for the headband head cutouts only

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