Sew Alongs


Your source for Sew Along videos to go with your Sheer Stitchery patterns.


Sheer Sunnies Case Sew Along

Sheer Sunnies Case PDF Pattern (FREEBIE for email subscribers)

Seaside Pillow Cover Sew Along

 Seaside Pillow Cover Pattern:  PDF version

'Grow with Me' Removable Ruffle Straps

 Ava Circle Skirt Hack - Ruffle Straps:  DIGITAL


Ava Circle Skirt

Ava Circle Skirt Pattern:  BUNDLE / DOLL / CHILDREN'S / WOMEN'S


Beatrix Bag

 Beatrix Bag Pattern


Ivy Pinafore Skirt

Ivy Pinafore Skirt Pattern


Lily Baby Nest

Lily baby Nest Pattern