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Farmhouse Tiered Tray with Fall Décor DIYs | Homemade Gifts Made Easy

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Farmhouse Tiered Tray with Fall Décor DIYs | Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Hey there, moms (and all the women out there)! Looking for a fun and creative DIY project to get you in the Fall spirit? Well, look no further! This Farmhouse Tiered Tray with Fall Décor DIYs is perfect for anyone who loves homemade gifts. So, grab your glue gun and let’s get started!

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I started making this for a dear friend and by the time this blog is posted she should already have it!

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Supplies needed for this project include a thrifted candlestick holder, old plate or pie tins, artificial leaves, or greenery, and whatever else you want to add.

Crafting DIY projects is always a fun activity, especially when the end result can bring a little bit of style to your home. Put your own personalized spin on the farmhouse trend with this DIY tiered tray project. All you need is a thrifted candlestick holder, some old plates or pie tins, and a handful of artificial leaves or greenery. And if you’re feeling extra creative, feel free to add anything else that catches your eye! With just a few items and some crafty ingenuity you can create the perfect addition to any room.

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What you will require: • 9” metal pie pan • 8” porcelain plate • Candle stick • White chalk paint (or spray paint version) • Black acrylic paint • E6000 adhesive • OPTIONAL: Clear matte varnish

1. Using the E6000 adhesive, adhere the bottom of the candle stick to the pan. When dry, attach the plate to the top of the candlestick creating two tiers.

2. Wash and dry everything thoroughly. Once dry rub down with isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry.

3. Paint (or spray paint) the entire tiered tray with the white chalk paint. I used three coats on the underside and four coats on the top side. Ensure to let it fully dry between coats.

4. OPTIONAL: Paint 1-2 coats of a clear matte varnish to protect the surface. Allow to dry.

5. Using the edge of your brush, paint the top edge around the edges of the plate and pie pan to give it an enamelware look.

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Wooden Pumpkin Picking Sign

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What you will require: • Wooden pumpkin decoration • Sandpaper • White Chalk Paint • Grey Chalk Paint • Cricut Removable Vinyl • Cricut Transfer Tape • Cricut Machine • Weeding tools

1. Take your sandpaper and sand down the front and back of the sign.

2. Paint about three coats of white chalk paint on the sign allowing to dry between coats.

3. To give it a nice farmhouse vibe, paint the edges – it is totally okay of you go over the edges a bit, in fact it looks better that way – in a warm grey chalk paint.

4. Download the SVG file for your Cricut or make your own design for the “pumpkin patch” design. Cut it out on the removable black vinyl.

5. Weed the vinyl and place the transfer tape over it and burnish onto the wooden sign.

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Weathered Mason Jar Candle

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What you will require: • Mason jar candle (or make your own!) • Grey Chalk Paint • Sandpaper • Black Buffalo Plaid Ribbon • Hot glue gun & glue

1. Begin by wiping the glass with isopropyl alcohol and allowing to dry.

2. Paint the glass with about three coats of grey chalk paint.

3. Allow to fully dry (I left mine overnight). Get out that sandpaper and gently sand over the raised letters in the glass to reveal a weathered farmhouse vibe.

4. Tie a bow with the buffalo plaid ribbon and secure with ha small bead of hot glue.

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Sweater & Buffalo Plaid Pumpkins

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What you will require: • Sleeve of a sweater or two squares of fabric (size is dependent on how big you would like your pumpkin) • Worsted weight yarn in a complimentary colour. • Yarn needle • Sewing machine or needle and thread • Fibre fill • Small twig to use as a stem • Glue gun & glue

1. If using the sleeve of a sweater, skip to step

2. If using fabric, begin by placing the two fabric squares together and stitching them right sides together to form a tube.

3. Using your yarn needle thread, the yarn on and sew a running stitch along the bottom of the tube. Pull the yarn taught to cinch in the bottom.

4. Turn right side out. Fill the pumpkin with fibre fill until full.

5. Using a long piece of yarn, run the same running stitch you used on the bottom around the top. Cinch it tight and knot it twice.

6. Using the long tail of the yarn, run the needle up through the centre of the pumpkin and pull around the outside to the bottom of the pumpkin back up the middle of the pumpkin. This creates the sections of the pumpkin. Repeat until your desired effect is achieved. Knot the yarn in place.

7. Place a bead of hot glue in the centre of the pumpkin and pop in your twig.

8. For the “vines” use the remainder yard and wrap it around the twig while the hot glue is still warm. Then curl it by saturating the yarn in Mod Podge and forming curls (you can use a pencil to hold its shape if you like). Let dry.

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Farmhouse Succulent Plant

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What you will require: • Small clay pot • Faux (or real!) succulent • White chalk paint • Grey chalk paint • Black buffalo plaid ribbon • Spanish moss • Floral foam • Glue gun & glue

1. Paint the clay pot with the white chalk paint.

2. Dry brush the edges of the pot with grey chalk paint.

3. Add a small block of floral foam (or dirt if your little plant is real) into the bottom of the pot.

4. Place the succulent in the pot.

5. Top the pot off with Spanish moss.

6. Place the buffalo plaid ribbon around the pot and tie a cute bow. Secure in place with a dollop of hot glue.

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Pumpkin Spice Coffee Mug

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What you will require: • Coffee mug • Cricut Permanent Vinyl • Cricut Transfer Tape • Cricut Machine • Weeding tools

1. In the Cricut design space type out the message you would like on your mug. I chose to go with a very autumn themed “pumpkin spice” for my farmhouse mug. I used the font ‘Cami Rae’. Cut it out on your Cricut.

2. Weed the vinyl and place the transfer tape over the image you are placing on the mug.

3. Burnish the vinyl onto your mug.

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Farmhouse Wooden Spoon Décor

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What you will require: • Mini wooden spoon • Grey chalk paint

1. Paint the top of the wooden spoon.


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Putting it all Together: Farmhouse Style Tray Décor

Now that you have crafted all your pieces, have fun putting them all together in new and exciting ways. Add in the greenery and cotton plants in the back to add some dimension and depth to your project. Think about how you can update this fall décor into the Christmas holidays!

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Begin by adding some fall-themed décor to the tray, such as leaves and pumpkins

With fall in the air, it’s time to turn a regular household tray into a fall themed DIY project! Start by adding some splash of fall spirit – leaves and pumpkins are a great way to start. You can even get creative and paint the autumn colors of orange, red and yellow onto the tray. Don’t worry if you don’t have an artistic touch – use stencils or rubber stamps with fall designs to make your decorative tray stand out from the rest!

Next, arrange the greenery, candle, and decor elements in a way that is pleasing to the eye

Arranging farmhouse decor elements can be an enjoyable project because it allows you to be creative. When deciding where to place things, start by figuring out the focal point – this is usually your centerpiece such as a DIY candle or unique greenery. Then, figure out the secondary elements – these could include farmhouse signs, decorations, and vases filled with fresh flowers. After that, fill in the gaps with various trinkets and votive holders to bring everything together. To make sure that it looks visually pleasing, you should mix up the heights by adding taller pieces of decor near shorter ones. Above all else, focus on having fun while arranging as this translates into a more inviting atmosphere at home!

Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, glue the leaves and pumpkins in place or leave loose to switch up for the seasons

This farmhouse tiered tray DIY is made for the changing seasons! After arranging your leaves and pumpkins as desired, you can either place a little glue to hold them in place or leave loose so that it’s easy to switch up when the time comes (the holidays are around the corner). Don’t forget to add a rustic touch with some twine or raffia for a farmhouse flair! It’s perfect for bringing that harvest-season feel indoors all year long.

This simple DIY can be used all year long

DIY home decor ideas are truly fantastic ways to keep your home looking up-to-date and stylish throughout the entire year. Whether it’s reupholstering furniture, adding DIY wall art, or testing out a simple DIY project like making this tiered farmhouse tray, there are tons of creative DIYs you can turn to for affordable, updated looks. Plus, don’t forget that DIY projects have the added bonus of allowing you to customize your home in a unique way – now that’s something worth writing home about!

Enjoy your creative farmhouse tiered tray!

If you’re looking to show off your farmhouse chic style, a DIY tiered tray is the perfect way to make a statement. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but you can customize it any way you’d like and make it your own. The best part? Placing it in whatever room or area you want to add a little farmhouse flair to. So go ahead, get creative with your farmhouse tray DIY and enjoy your newfound farmhouse charm!

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Cost Breakdown:

Sandpaper Dollar Tree $1.25 CAD
9″ Round Pie Pan Dollar Tree $1.25 CAD
Clay Flower Pot Dollarama $0.50 CAD
Foliage Greenery Dollarama $1.25 CAD
Buffalo Plaid Fabric Walmart $2.00 CAD
Buffalo Plaid Ribbon Walmart $2.97 CAD
E6000 Adhesive Walmart $8.87 CAD
8″ Ceramic Plate Walmart $1.88 CAD
Black Acrylic Paint Dollarama $1.50 CAD
White & Grey Chalk Paint One Man’s Treasure $12.00 CAD each
Clear Matte Sealant One Man’s Treasure $21.00 CAD
Ceramic Mug Dollarama $2.00 CAD
Wooden Pumpkin Plaque Dollarama $1.50 CAD
Glass Candle Stick Thrifted (Value Village) $3.99 CAD
Sweater Thrifted (Value Village) $3.00 CAD
Succulent Pick Michaels $2.80 CAD
Cotton Floral Stems Michaels $5.99 CAD
TOTAL:   $85.75 (including paint)

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This project is perfect for anyone who loves the farmhouse style and wants to add a touch of fall to their home décor. It is also a great gift idea for friends and family members. All you need to get started are a few supplies, which can be found at any craft store. With a little bit of creativity, you can make your own beautiful, tiered tray that will surely impress everyone who sees it. Be sure to check out the video on how I made this project so you can see just how easy it is!

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