Me Made May 2021

Me Made May is a sewing challenge every May which encourages people who make their own clothes to establish a better understanding of their Me Made Wardrobe. 

Basically, you are challenging yourself to wear something you made (most people try to do this everyday, for some it is weekly, others it is just to ACTUALLY wear a Me Made garment) so that you can better appreciate the items you handcraft and look for gaps in your wardrobe or areas of focus, such as all those gorgeous gowns you keep sewing but never actually wear out.

The challenge was started by Zoe Edwards of 'So, Zo'


Here is my recap for 2021:

May 1:

Ivy Pinafore Skirt and Self Drafted Tee - may 1 MeMadeMay 2021

May 2: 

Marsha Wrap Dress and Bubble Sleeve Cardigan Sewing Patterns


May 3:

Gathered Skirt Self Drafted Tutorial on How to Sew

  • Skirt, self drafted gathered skirt - STAY TUNED, as I have this tutorial filmed, it just needs to be edited. 


May 4:

Hudson Pants by True Bias and Ollie Bomber Jacket by Sew A Little Seam Sewing Patterns


May 5: 

Doris Dress by Sew Over It London Pattern


May 6:

Ava Circle Skirt Knit Hack Sewing Pattern

May 7:

Bruyere Shirt Sewing Pattern Tutorial by Deer and Doe Patterns


May 8: 

Charm Patterns Skipper Dress Sew Along


 May 9:

How to draft your own circle skirt - ava circle skirt pattern - lola blouse


May 10: 

Molly Sweater by Trish Newberry


 May 11:

Ivy Pinafore Skirt and Pepper Top


 May 12:

The Spring Dress by Simply Sewing Magazine Issue 80 2021 Sew Along Sewing Tutorial


 May 13:

M7599 McCall's vintage reproduction dress from 1953 sew along


May 14:

Parker Ponte Pants and self drafted tee - how to copy your own clothes sewing tutorial


May 15:

Charm Patterns Gardner Top Pateron and Kathleen Dress by Sheer Stitchery Sew Along Sewing Tutorials


 May 16:

Sew Over It Sienna Dress Sew Along


May 17:

Elevation Hoodie how to sew a hoodie sweater


 May 18:

Ivy Pinafore Skirt vintage sewing patterns - gardner top by charm patterns gertie - rebecca page taylor trench coat pattern


 May 19:

Hudson Pants by True Bias and Bubble Sleeve Cardigan by Rebecca Page


 May 20:

Francoise Dress by Tilly and The Buttons and Ivy Pinafore Skirt by Sheer Stitchery Sewing patterns


 May 21:

Cardamome Dress by Deer and Doe Patterns


 May 22:

Simply Sewing Magazine The Spring Dress designed by Nina Lee sewing pattern tutorial


 May 23:

Learn how to copy RTW clothes and make your favorite t-shirt tee


 May 24:

Sunny Day Dress by Ellie and Mac Sewing Tutorial


 May 25:

Penny Dress by Sew Over It


 May 26:

Tilly and the Buttons Patterns Indigo Smock and Dress


May 27:

Ava Circle Skirt by Sheer Stitchery and the Gardner Top by Charm Patterns Patreon  by Gertie Gretchen Hirsch


May 28:

how to sew a t-shirt in anay size


May 29:

Sew Over It Elsie Dress Sewing Pattern


May 30:

Sienna Dress by Sew Over It Pattern


May 31:

Ava Circle Skirt Knit Hack with the Lola Blouse by FOrget Me Not Patterns


So I did notice a few gaps in my Me Made wardrobe after doing this challenge:

  1. I do not have enough basics (think solid tees, skirts, etc.)
  2. I have absolutely no shorts at all
  3. I need some new Me Made leggings (my Avery leggings have seen better days and I do not think I should be wearing them in public the large hole they now have)


This challenge was a bit of a bother to do everyday (namely for the photo aspect) but I am really pleased with myself for completing it and cannot wait for next year!