Halloween Hocus Pocus Quilt

When I saw this pattern from The Pattern Basket called 'Hocus Pocus' I knew I needed to make it for this Halloween season.

Check out the Sew Along here:

Beginner Friendly Halloween Quilt

I love how simple the blocks are to piece together as every is either rectangles or squares so this is a perfect beginner friendly quilting project to sew.

Hocus Pocus Quilt from The Pattern Basket


There are three sizes of pumpkin blocks, each made in three different colours.  I decided to make my version with the oh so Halloween inspiring 'Black Cat Capers' collection from Northcott Fabrics with a few basics thrown in (greys, white and a couple black prints).

The fabric I used is as follows:
Black Cat Capers Northcott Fabrics Orange
Black Cat Capers Northcott Fabric Black
Black Cat Capers Northcott Fabric Grey
Black Cat Capers Northcott Fabric - Accent Colours and Binding Fabric
I really wanted this quilt to have a fun "pop" of colour, even though it was a Halloween quilt and this colour pallet just fit the bill.
Northcott Fabrics for the Halloween Quilt
I was also really drawn to the sawtooth star blocks (one of my favourite blocks to add into a quilt) that go above the smallest pumpkin blocks.  This created a nice modern style quilt that I am very excited to use this Halloween.
Now for the backing, I wanted to a very luxurious and warm backing so I chose a faux fur minky fabric that is extremely soft.  
minky fabric on a quilt
That being said, that faux fur minky layer was a pain on the long arm and rather slippery.  The super long pile and silkiness that makes it so soft and warm also make it dreadful to quilt as it wants to slide around.  I am not sure I will use this thick of a pile of minky fabric again.  Though it is tempting to use again, as it is so lux and soft.
The colours on this quilt really get me in the Halloween spirit.  The are vibrant and bright and cherry, but also have that spooky element.  Also, as this quilt is just pumpkins, I can have it out all October long as it fits nicely into the Thanksgiving tone of the season as well.
pumpkin quilt with fabrics from Northcott Fabric
I really enjoy it on my bed to really take centre stage on the Halloween decor.  As this quilt is between a double and lap size quilt it is also perfect for the living room to curl up under on the couch as I sit and read some spooky(ish) book while I hand out candy to trick or treaters.  (Let's be honest here, I don't do scary but I love a good magical / fantasy book, which is prefect for the season).
Halloween candy on an orange and black quilt decorated for spooky vibes
I do have a "twin" for this quilt, made to the same dimensions of the quilt and same fabric, but with a different design coming and I am hoping to have that one completed before Halloween so I can share it all with you.
pumpkin quilt for Halloween
I still have a bit of Halloween prep and decorating to go before the big day, but isn't decorating and sewing up the projects part of the fun, anyways?
Halloween Hocus Pocus Quilt in bedroom
For now, the quilt resides in my bedroom, as I begin adding more and more spooky elements around the house.


Hocus Pocus Pumpkin Quilt Sew Along using Northcott Fabrics Black Cat Capers