English Paper Piecing Hearts - Jewel EPP Templates

Heart English paper Piecing with Jewel EPP


1.1   Print and cut out the EPP pieces from card stock or the Pellon Print-Stitch-Dissolve paper.


1.2 Fussy cut (select a particular design on the fabric) the jewel pieces, leaving a 1/4” seam allowance around the paper.


Jewel English Paper Piecing Template - EPP Tutorial

 TOP TIP: You can purchase acrylic templates in standard sizes that have the 1/4” seam allowances built in, making cutting much faster. 

Step 2.  Basting

Thread Basting Version

2.1 This is the traditional method for EPP. To make it a lot easier on you, we suggest painting the edges of the fabric with liquid starch (or starch alternative such as Best Press) to really hold it’s shape after pressing. Be sure to ONLY get the starch on the fabric and not on the card stock pieces as this will affect how crisp your edges press if the card stock gets wet.

 2.2 Begin by pressing the top of the jewel shape down with the iron against the card stock shape. Next, moving in a clockwise fashion, press each side down.


How to fold EPP Jewel Pieces


2.3 Using a hand needle and a single layer of thread with a knot on the end, flip the EPP form to the back side (where you can see the paper). Place the needle and thread into the fabric and make a stitch joining two sides together (working in the same way you pressed the fabric down).

2.4 Move to the next corner and make a single stitch between those two corner. Repeat this process until you reach the final corner.

 2.5 On the final corner, make a second stitch in the same place (back stitch) to secure your thread. Clip the thread.


How to hand baste English Paper Piecing EPP Jewels


Glue Baste Version

2.6 This is the modern form of basting (and goes MUCH faster). You can use a regular white glue stick, or the speciality glue sticks for EPP which are much more narrow (making for a less messy process but more expensive than buying the cheaper, thicker glue sticks).

2.7 No prep needed for this, just place the glue (only on the fabric NOT on the cardstock) along the perimeter of the fabric starting at the top and pressing that side down and then moving on to the next side (just as we did when pressing for the thread basting).

TOP TIP: You can leave it basted just with the glue or give it a press as you fold for an extra crisp edge and the heat acts to set the glue.

Step 3.  Piecing

3.1 Arrange how you would like your jewel hearts to be arranged and where you are adding in the diamond pieces.

 3.2 Place the two pieces that you are piecing together right sides together (RST) along the seam that you need to stitch. Hold together tightly (or use SewTites to hold them together). Barry your thread knot in one of the side seams (within the seam allowance) and make your first stitch at the corner of the seam. You want to just barely catch a few threads on either side of the fabric and DO NOT stitch through the paper.

EPP Jewel Template - Piecing Jewels to make hearts for English paper piecing

3.3 After the first stitch, make another stitch in the exact same spot, but this time, pull your thread through the loop before pulling the thread tight, securing a knot at the start of your seam.

3.4 Place your next stitch about 2mm away from the first and continue to stitch through both pieces along the edge until you reach the end of the seam.

 How to sew English paper Piecing pieces together EPP Jewels make hearts

 3.5 Once at the end of the seam, stitch your final stitch. Then, just as you did for the start of the seam, make a second stitch in the same place pulling the thread through the loop to create a knot. Do this at every STOP and START of every seam.


You can make wonderful designs, such as this pretty heart applique (included in the pattern download).

Heart EPP using Jewel English Paper Piecing

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FREE Jewel EPP Templates to download


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