Black Cat Capers FREE Quilt Pattern

I wanted to share a a very quick Halloween inspired quilt pattern with you.  It is free (just subscribe to our newsletter to get the code to download for free) and pop on over to the freebies section of our website to get the pattern.

Watch the video tutorial:



First you will need to gather up your fabrics and this pattern cleverly uses a large panel to make use of a quick make.  

I decided on the Black Cat Capers fabric collection from Northcott Fabrics and was inspired by this panel, as the cat reminds me of the black cat on Hocus Pocus and I needed to have this quilt while I curled up and watched Halloween movies (such as the annual Hocus Pocus) with the family.


Cutting out the Panels

For the panels you will need to cut out (you will need to piece some of the rectangles together to get the size you need):

Top Strip: 53" x 4.25" (pieced)

Side Left Panel:  2.75" x 43"

Black Cat Panel (trim to):  24" x 43"

Side Right Panel: 26.75" x 43"

Bottom Panel: 20.25" x 53" (pieced)

Attach them together as shown in the video.

The Appliques

You will also need to cut out the pieces for the appliques using the templates provided.  

The Hocus Pocus Wording

Begin by tracing out the mirror image of the applique wording and pumpkin segments (orange) onto Steam a Seam applique double sided fusible stabiliser.  Roughly cut around the letters, leaving at least 1/4" around each line.  For the main pumpkins (green) trace only the steam (mirror image) and top of pumpkin onto the Steam a Seam.

 Place this onto the wrong side of the fabric you have chosen for the letters.  Using your iron and some steam, permanently attach the letters (leaving the one paper side still attached).


Cut out the letters exactly on the lines, once they have been fused with to the wrong side of the fabric.

Zig zag using a narrow stitch length (0.8mm long by 2mm wide) to attach the letters.

The Pumpkin Appliques

For the pumpkin segments, hollow out the Steam and Seam, leaving at least a 1/4" on the inside and outside of each segment line.  This will help to reduce the bulk on the fabric.  You can leave the inside in tact, but it it just makes the quilt a bit more bulky.  

Fuse the segments onto the wrong side of the orange fabric.  

Roughly cut out the shapes of the green pumpkin fabric, leaving a generous amount around the edges of us to trim later.  Roughly place the template on top and affix the Steam A Seam "stem" onto the wrong side of the fabric.  Also attach some scraps of steam a seam onto the sides and bottom of the green pumpkin (overlapping where the template will be placed).  Cut out the pumpkin (green) following the template exactly.

 Place the appliques onto the panel starting with the green layer and then cut out the segments of the orange layer and place on top of the green.  Be sure to overlap the orange segments over the green.  Iron in place to permanently secure.

Zig Zag in place along all raw edges, as you did for the letters.


Make a quilt sandwich with the front then cotton or wool batting and them your backing.  Quilt as desired. 

I decided to free motion quilt details on the pumpkins and the details on the cat panel.  For the black space, I free motion quilted some spider webs, which was a fun "spooky" touch. 


To bind my quilt, I cut strips at 2.5" and folded them in half to sew onto my quilt.  I attached it with raw edges matching along the front of the quilt by machine.  Then folded my binding to back of my quilt and used a ladder stitch to secure it to the back.

This is such a lovely quilt and and I love that it is so quick to whip up.