A Modern Twist on an 18th Century Skirt Design

The Coquelicot Skirt by Wildflower Designs takes it's inspiration from vintage sewing techniques and pattern drafting to create a uniquely beautiful piece.

The full Sew Along can be found here:

The pockets are something to pay particular attention to, as this is where the glorious vintage elements come into play.  Similar to the 18th century pockets that were typically a separate pocket piece that was tied over a petticoat, this design incorporates them into the skirt.

coquelicot Skirt in a linen

Another feature that I found quite intriguing is the view A version with the lace up internal waistband.  I love the fact that this makes this skirt adjustable (and perfect if you are expecting or postpartum), among the obvious pretty inside details.   

I did not have enough fabric to make View A, so I chose the waistband from View A (I needed that lace up detail) and then the half circle skirt of View B.  Now, this skirt required a bit more personality and what better way to add personality than to add a nice ruffle to the hem.  Therefore, I hacked the pattern so that I could add the ruffle hem (check out the video for how I went about that).

coquelicot skirt linen retro vintage sewing

This skirt was a bit fiddly to make and does take a full day of sewing, but the end result really is worth the effort, as you get a very unique garment that you most certainly not see in any of the high street shops out there.

I really enjoyed making this up.



A modern take on an 18th century skirt and pocket sew along vintage sewing